K.B. Polychem Ltd. India is Leading Manufacturers of Ceramic Decals & Heat Transfer Labels

K.B. Polychem provides you with all the unique selling points of highly developed ceramic screen printing and heat transfer decals. Since our foundation in 2005, we see our mission in innovations which give our customers competitive advantages and in a quality which exceeds our customers’ requirements. Accordingly, as one of the companies in India manufacturing both ceramic and heat transfer under one roof, we invest in the qualifications of our employees and in the most modern machines. We currently have 5 screen printing machines. Our product ranges from 180 c to 1250 c temperature. It is this product range which makes us the preferred supplier of leading manufacturers of all kinds of ceramics, glass, enamel, Helmets, high-tech products, Textile and leather.

Ceramic Transfer

Our screen prints Transfers are ideal for the most varied of substrates. These include ceramics such as porcelain, tiles or technical ceramics, Glass, metal, Helmets, cycles, enamel and wax complete the range for an extensive portfolio. Our products can be further processed from a low temperature of 160 degrees up to hot firing at over 1300 degrees. This enables application of our decals as an onglaze, underglaze and inglaze.

Our extra mile in service – your advantage on the market

We offer you much more than our expertise in printing ceramic decals! Assistance in decorating and positioning for precise application helps in a way that margin and border decorations can be best processed. We naturally offer lead-free and cadmium-free products which are also UV resistant and meet all the requirements for sustainability and environmental protection.

We offer creative support

You are looking for the perfect pattern for your collection? We present the full range of traditional and modern designs on decals. We also advise you with the implementation and print according to your requirements.

You are looking for something special? Our designers are ready to develop your own individual patterns according to your aesthetic and technical requirements.

We maintain creativity and color fastness over decades

Getting everything from a single source offers the security of long-term quality and color fastness, because we save both ink formulas as well as the binding templates. Be it a 7-color standard or especially developed colors for you, we guarantee reproducibility and consistent quality for decades.

Our Special Effect Decals

Precious Metals; For our ceramic decals we process all types of precious metal. The decals containing precious metals are ideal for direct application on ceramics such as porcelain, bone china, earthenware and tiles but also on enamel and glass. Gold red-yellow or a light lemon-yellow colour tone and platinum with a white gold colouring and different effects are achieved with gloss, matt and polish preparations. The application options are aimed at high-quality impressions. Alongside sophisticated table and decorative crockery, rooms can be designed with tiles with precious metal decorations or solid precious metal areas or, for example, decorate sanitary ware.

Ceramic Screen Printing with Fascinating Metallic Effects

Are you looking for an alternative to decors with real precious metal? Ceramic metallic may be the answer. Comparable in impression and optics with various precious metals, gives metallic inks a high cost advantage. Lead-free and cadmium-free, our screen prints have excellent contour sharpness and show a superb finish. The ideal substrates are the same as with real metal: porcelain, bone china, earthenware, glass, metal and enamel. A wide variety of colourings and effects are possible in the on-glaze process. For this reason, there is a range of varieties available which go beyond the options for real precious metals. Antique effects, red, copper and bronze tones, light-dark variations and more are possible. In addition to the cost benefit, decals made from ceramic metallic also demonstrate much better dishwasher resistance than precious metals.

See for yourself how close ceramic metallic comes to precious metal!

Relief printing as a haptic experience – the third dimension of printing

Due to the option of high ink application in ceramic screen printing, you can achieve a palpable effect in the truest sense of the word with our relief prints. A relief-like impression which brings another dimension to your product besides colourfulness and which thus increases its significance considerably. To support your design haptically, we print the reliefs as white or coloured components of your decor. The haptic experience is created through decoration and not through shaping which enables more flexible and cost-effective production. Glass is also suitable for three-dimensional processing relief in addition to ceramics such as porcelain and bone china.

The palpable difference in printing: see for yourself how relief printing increases its value!

Water slide decals for temperature sensitive substrates

Variations on a theme - candle patterns

Imagery for church functions has quite different requirements than a modern, up to date ornamentation. With us you get even the most complex design solutions from one source. Every decal is cut to size and therefore easy to handle.

Three-dimensional, tactile patterns increase the attractiveness of candles and support the design. Imitations of hand paintings, especially in the artistic field, are just another example of our product range.

Decoration of wax and candles without firing

The processing without firing is the essential feature of our water decals and of course indispensable for wax. In practice this means that the patterns are transferred manually to the substrate. To make this efficient and cost-effective, we deliver our decals with printed positioning and application aides and cut to your specific format. So you can remain competitive at the highest quality and accurate reproduction of the design, including precise placement on the objects.

Decoration for Helmets

We have diversified range of organic colors for screen printings of low temperature decals. The demand of decorative Helmets, skate boards, bottles and cycles has increased so far. And the future is not limited.

We are supplying to renowned Helmet & cycle manufacturing customers. Our pride is in customer satisfaction when the get best quality with asked durability and reliability. Our graphic designer team is pro in sketching out customer imagination into reality.

Our team is adept in perfectly matching the decals with image provided with no fuzzy space.

We are specialized in two types of decals, peelable and non peelable based on customer usages .

Our decals have

 Longer life with scratch resistance.

 Very good light fastness

 Alkali and acid resistance

 Solvent resistance

 Very low yellowing



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