Testing and Quality Assurance

At K.B. Polychem (India) Ltd., we are highly committed to the supply of quality products to our valued customers. Every single time. We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company with extensive processes in place to comply with quality requirements.

At K.B. we ensure that
 1) All raw materials are sourced only from well-established suppliers. Every single raw material batch undergoes specific tests prior to acceptance.
 2) During production, computerized production charging sheets are generated and all pararmeters are recorded. Counter sample of every batch is retained for post sales analysis.
 3) The QA department tests every production batch as per specifications provided by the R&D department.

After approval, the batch is released for packing and dispatch. By following this process rigorously we ensure that only defect free products reach the final customer.

In-House Testing Facilities
1. Computerized Color Matching 2. Dish Washer Test
3. Adhesion/Cross Cut 4. Alcohol Resistance
5. Pencil Hardness 6. Resistivity
7. Scratch Hardness 8. Stone-Chip Resistance
9. Flexibility 10. Sweat Resistance
11. Gloss 12. Viscosity
13. Chemical Resistance 14. Density
15. Salt Spray Test 16. Drying Time
17. Heat Resistance 18. Impact resistance

*Heavy Metal content testing is out-sourced to established third party labs.



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