K.B. Polychem has been associated into the development and production of specialty electrophoretic lacquering processes and solutions for the entire metal finishing industry worldwide specialty electrophoretic coating systems and our success graph has always been rising so far. We have ecofriendly coating processes with low VOC, making minimal waste products.

It is a green technology, besides being an economical process, it is enhancing, versatile and durable. K.B. Polychem is a worldwide exporter and manufacturer of high performance polyurethane and acrylic electrophoretic lacquers.

Our world-wide clientele base has witnessed our quality standard and process performance. K.B. Products contains complete range of metal finishing lacquers, ultra-low bake to medium and high bake range products on multiple chemistries.

The product range is capable to serve industries ranging from hardware and sanitary fittings, handicraft articles, silverware imitation jewellery and multiple export products.

These products meet the international norms like ROHS and REACH compliance to full fill export obligations.

We have a competent team of technical people to supports customers for trouble free operations.

Advantages of the Process

     Better consistency in coating thickness as it is limited by the applied voltage (keeping other parameters within limit).

     Complex geometries can be coated both inside and out, wherever the liquid is able to reach a metal surface.

     Extremely low wastage i.e., high efficiency - Ease of recovering the lacquer that gets carried by the parts to the rinse tank through an ultrafiltration unit.

     Water based process - only small amount of low volatility solvent required. › Minimal effluent in comparison to conventional processes.

     Complete Automation of plant is possible which reduces human dependency and increase the output in comparison to conventional processes.

     Multiple colours and various finishes are possible.

Product Range
High Cure Lacquer
Low Cure Lacquer
Acrylic Lacquer
Matt Finish Lacquer



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