P.U. Foam

Polyurethane (PU) is cast-off in a range of applications such as mattresses, pillows, furniture, seats, cushions and acoustic insulation parts made of flexible foams dashboards and window encapsulations made of integral foam steering wheels, casing parts made of rigid foam insulating foam, cast elastomers and shoe soles.

K.B. provides PU Colourants perfectly tailored to the PU System and the production process. When developing our products, we place special emphasis on productivity and environmental compatibility.

We convert trends into highly sophisticated color products. We have more than 12 years of experience in developing Advanced Colors.

Our range includes more than 200 color shades. On request, we can develop tailor-made solutions from the basic products. Our customization takes care of properties and color shades, as required by the customer for a multitude of applications.

We manufacture high quality Polyurethane Colorants for specialized PU applications by using Pigments and other raw materials of only reputed makes with most appropriate specification.

We take special care in understanding the application, end product, consumer taste in designing the customized coloring solution while maintaining the compatibility with due consideration of ease of use and longevity.

We work in coordination with all PU System suppliers thus providing you compatibility and expertise beyond your expectations. We are responsible for import substitutions of PU colors thus giving the option of customization.

Polyurethane applications

     Flexible slab-stock foam, Moulded flexible foams

     Integral skin Foams like Steering Wheel, Armrest and Supporting components

     Rigid foams and Puff Insulation foam

     PU Footwear like Safety Shoes, Soles, Slippers and Sandals

     PU Toys, and various utility Industrial and consumer goods


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